Tonight in City Folk Set


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Coming to you from the island of Farend, it's Tonight in City Folk, Episode 0!

Folks, welcome to installment zero of Tonight in City Folk!

This blog is going to represent home base for all of your ACCF entertainment needs! Becoming a guest on our blog is a fun experience that can greatly help support your cause or creative ideas. Let me explain what everyone can expect to find when they visit our site.
Every entry includes a few things. The first, is some news about what’s going on in Animal Crossing Community. And perhaps something cool that happened in town! After that, we talk about our guest that day. The guest can have a number of purposes. This includes explaining their new business/service they offer, designs they want to show off, items for sale, etc…This includes anything worth mentioning within the City Folk.
Finally, we end the episode with some player/fan submitted material. All of our followers are allowed to email us at any time with pictures of videos they find or take themselves. The best ones will put up for everyone to see!
The norther lights came to Farend a few nights ago, and we got a great picture of it!

So that’s what we’re all about. To become a guest on Tonight in City Folk, email us at


  1. i commented on your threads on animal crossing community as "saintsunny" can you message me back there?

  2. Are you going to keep up with this blog? I hate when I find something interesting only to find the person made one or two posts then goes months or longer without posting, if ever again.

  3. Its been 2 months! Are you going to post again!?!