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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happenings Around Town

Tonight in City Folk is slowly gaining a following! Before we do further episodes, I’d like to show everyone a little bit of the town and what’s been going on recently. We’re still lining up guests and I’m hoping to get the episodes rolling within the next week or so!
For now, this is what’s been happening around the town of Farend. Enough has been donated to finally build that third bridge that every town should have! In our case it’s the fourth because we have an island. The thing I love most about bridges is the wide variety of locations! All two options where so great it was hard to choose!  … I’m being sarcastic of course. Option one was putting a 3rd entrance to the island, which was very useless. Option 2, was a bride that was so close to the original you could stand in one spot and see both of them on the screen. (Shown below)

In other news, I’ve been working very hard on getting small patches of grass back. Flowers have been planted in various spots all over town. As a result, I’m seeing my first hybrids popping up!

 I’ve de-forested a special area to keep them in.

And finally, I’ve been working very hard on turning parts of the town into a large fruit orchard. All of the trees have finally grown. My favorite thing to do is line them up into pathways. All these pictures are shown below.

Next on the agenda, make  new design tile(s) for a nicer looking trail. The grey brick was an easy and quick solution. However it’s leaving the trail very gloomy looking.
Feel free to submit your designs to:
The same email is also available to become a guest on the blog! Thank you all for your growing support, and I look forward to producing our first real “episode”!

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